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Servicing isn’t particularly cheap, or that expesive either so I now recommend a full set of springs on every service I do on mantle clocks.

If you do that you really see and hear the difference and its cheaper in the long run which is what you want if your going to spend a fair amount of money anyway.

Now put a cloth or cardboard template over the face to avoid scratching it if you slip while removing the pin.

You can make one by cutting slit to the centre of an A4 card or paper and then slide it onto the face with the spiggot sticking through the slit. The hands will be friction fit so youcan just pull them off.

You need the thing to tick over under its own steam to diagnose problems beyond cleaning so its pretty much always the first job on the list. Almost all clock hands are held on by one of two methods and you have to get them off to remove the movement from the case. You need to remove the lynch pin that is threaded through the centre spigot.

Whats not obvious is that this pin is usually tapered.

We carry clock parts for Ansonia clocks, mantel clock parts, kitchen clock parts and many more.

We carry such brands as Hermle, Kieninger, Urgos and Seth Thomas.

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If you look in the back of the clock you will see its held in by four screws, one at each corner that are normally on extenstion arms.PLATFORM ESCAPEMENTS Very high quality Swiss escapements. Other counts available but as not interchangeable; platform & pinion must be ordered together. PLATFORM LEVERS These will only fit new platforms supplied by us.

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