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'The workers of Briggs know very well that the Company is trying to exploit the situation of unemployment and short time which exists in Dagenham at the present time,' declared the Strike Committee, in the larger context of continuing post-Suez petrol rationing causing problems for the motor industry as a whole.

4° 8 Get the Nigger 169 9 Parity of Esteem 201 PART THREE 10 Unnatural Practices 251 11 Morbid Sentimentality 266 12 A Merry Song of Spring 3°4 13 We're All Reaching Up 3" 14 Beastly Things, Elections 347 Notes 367 Acknowledgements 397 Author's Note Tales of a New Jerusalem is a projected sequence of books about Britain between 19.

Do not build them unless you have to, and if you have to then do iruike provision for children, because if you do not you have no right to grumble if they are a nuisance.' Judy Haines as usual was at home in Chingford on Saturday the 12th. 'Girls went to pictures, John [her husband, earlier known as Abbe] to London, and here I am. Therefore I enjoyed some needlework Pamela's frock and curtains.' Another diarist, Allan Preston, the 25-year-old son of an English teacher, went to Burndcn Park in the afternoon.

'The first half was very entertaining," he recorded of the home teams First Division clash with Leeds.

'I have sat doing nothing since about 4 o' clock, &c am now slightly drunk on rum and honey & hot water.

The usual revolting insufficient meals - an awful tinned steak pudding, like eating a hot poultice, & sausages ...

I can't ever remember being so dead since about 1947.'' 'Top People Take The Times' was a new poster from Monday the 14th, as the PM sought to finalise his administration.