Pay per signup dating

24-May-2019 19:09

For instance, I promote various Word Press plugins on my site.

A click on one of my affiliate links followed by a sale will result in a commission for me.

It can also represent how much an affiliate is making per click.

Without EPC or conversion data, it’s impossible to say how a merchant is performing.

For example, instead of using a generic homepage affiliate link, I can link to an article that relates to my post.

Deep linking has the potential to increase conversion rates because traffic is sent to targeted landing pages.

• 51-100 Full Joins in a pay period earns 0/join. The system is very intuitive so if you send traffic that is not targeted your earnings will reflect your per lead payout. We pay up to 60% revenue share for the lifetime of the member.

Successful affiliate marketers who earn four and five-figures monthly rely on sales commissions.