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All the Kage are prepared to deal out eternal punishment, but Naruto just can't stand by and watch another needless death. Fem Naruto Sona & her dog, Sasha, find themselves lost in a strange land filled with dwarves, wizards, & elves. Being the Master of Death was a curse, plain and simple. And it's definitely not likely to go back time in the Narutoverse after being reborn there. Back when his life was relatively peaceful, Deucalion started to teach a young hunter, hoping she would one day help him with his vision of peace.

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Shikix OCUpon their first rising, all vampire are told of Fated Mates, a marked human destined for their vampire soulmate and whose blood can bring either great power, or the True Death. Harry/Thranduil Karianne Conner was nothing special. She lived at home, went to university and loved Doctor Who. What if someone upset the power balance before he became The Dark Lord… Staying with the Guardians has caused two to develop feelings for the girl, making her situation just a bit more difficult. Pulling away, my eyes locked onto his and I found Captain Levi of the Survey Corps staring right back at me. Watch this OC as she comes across Vampires/Witches & Originals (; Their world was messy. Short alternate spin off of 'The Bystander' with Damon/Suzanne as end game Bella Baggins had sought out adventure and excitement as a child, it was only natural she'd end up in a situation like this: surrounded by thirteen oblivious dwarves that called her Mr Baggins, off to steal from a dragon. )Nami tries to make girl friends in the ninja academy by fan-girl-ing everyone but Sasuke, she fails to find a suitable idol and decides just to fan-girl Naruto for fun. Bonnie brought her back but there's consequences to undergo. However, fate seems to be against her as she encounters the future Decimo before Reborn arrives and she inadvertently changes the plot. I guess I'll just have to wing it'The first meeting is always the one that leaves the biggest imprint on the persons mind. Formerly under the title, Gemma Anne Boothroyd Years pass by from the Battle of the Trident, and within the Red Keep, Cersei Lannister discovers a secret room, a room filled with the late Prince's poetry. Now an adult, it seems the old world is not content to let her go as she finds herself mixed up in the magic and trickery of fay courts once again Ita Saku Shi She'd had so many lives spread throughout his time stream. Naruto, no Uchiha Massacre, Shisui x Naruko (An Ideal World Fic)"Give him back," She demanded, and in a way she was begging, too.

Tom knows nothing about her, and despite the fact she has whisked him away from the orphanage to live with her, he's starting to think he never really will either. I had embraced the path of darkness, until Kaori Uzumaki came into my life. Klaus loves Andrea Gilbert and he will always love her, there's no changing that; the same can be said for his brother. Crack-Fic There are perks to playing secretary to the CEO of Wayne Enterprises; the dental plan's pretty amazing and the pay's great too. (Rated M for explicit gore, and character death.)You've lived with Yoosung for nearly 8 months now, and the progression on the more intimate sides of things are little to none. Stefan/OC/Klaus with a little Jeremy/OC - **ON HIATUS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE - NOT ABANDONED**Galileo: Great Mind; Einstein: Extraordinary Mind; John Nash: Beautiful Mind; Light Yagami: Brilliant Mind; Me: ... Light OCIt was probably the strangest proposition he'd ever received.

Regardless, he is determined to never let her go, not even in the face of time, space, or dark lords. ) [Awesome]Fem OC x [Evil]Tom Riddle Pitch finds himself yearning for Jamie's older sister, Genie, who stills believes in 'fairy tales' and has the ability to see him. M, Hari snaps and the truth buried long ago comes sizzling to the surface. She showed me that the will of a single man, my will, can change the world. Anyone who tries to take her from me will receive no mercy, only fire and death. But with ghosts from the past at every corner, can Andy remain sane? Suzanne was supposed to be the token human moral support for her vampire best friend. But Sarah's pretty sure that helping to keep her employer's alter ego a secret is not in her job description. Dying, an orphaned girl from the real world finds herself reincarnated in the KHR world as the unknown daughter of Reborn. You decide to sit him down and have a talk with him about it, hoping to work with him slowly to open him up to it, staying by his side and working through this struggle, together. Don't read if you don't like smut.)Things were going fine for me until I blacked out one night and woke to a demon butler serving tea and scones. "I'm really sorry about this, but I've decided to become your fangirl." "My fangirl?

But when the Yakuza took her to drive for them, they destroyed what she had left. Questions could only arise in return, IY/Attack on Titan, Eren x Kagome x Levi Out of all the kekkei genkai she would have liked to get, the eyes of Samsara wouldn't be her first - or second - choice. (Female Harry Potter/Master of Death Harry Potter)Soulmate AU. Doctor/OC [On Hiatus]Growing bored and lonely the Girl-Who-Lived Lillith Potter decided to take Death up on his offer to explore new worlds; now the first born Princess of Robert Baratheon follow her journey as she is betrothed to the Starks of the North, adopts Arya as her apprentice, and shows an unchanging world what a mischievous millennium old witch can do.

All she ever cared about were cars and the people she called family. " In which Eren Jaeger is saved by a mysterious girl on a mission for the Survey Corps. Now known as Iris Black, she is roomed with Tom Riddle, who she decides to befriend because honestly, why not see how things unfold from the other side? For the six months it lasts, Renato thinks, those six months are the happiest six months of his life.

I lived my life to the fullest and expected it to be cut short, all because of my dangerous profession. Harley is the darkness, the maniac he sees himself as, his precious devil, his mirror while Erela is the epitome of innocence, he believes that she is sent from above, to guide him. With her empress eye, it was as if she was the queen, and everyone else was her servants, bowing down in front of her.