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Each section comprises of paraecologists, and locally trained para-taxonomists that actively participating in the biological research and conservation by doing field collections, classifying and sorting specimens into their respective family groups.Introduction Kinship and social structure Food Food as gift Gifts Instead of gifts Clothes Footwear Malaria Miscellania Creepy crawlies Maps Company Photos Prices Transport Guide book Visas and permits Last comment People sometimes write to me asking for information about much everything to do with travelling and living in PNG, such as food, security, transport, suitable gifts, diseases and so forth.So if you are trying to figure out how people are related, you may end up asking a lot of questions like ‘mama tru bilong en? Marrying or having sexual relations within the same moiety was considered incest. child of mother’s brother or father’s sister) was also banned.Many of these taboos are weakening but are still saliently present in social interaction in many different ways, and also reflected in kinship terminology.Naturally, kinship is not the only thing that determines interactions between people.It provides the guidelines; apart from that people like or don’t like each other and form their friendships on a personal basis.If there are resident whites around, you could look what they do, but not all whites in PNG are terrific role models to be sure. And most people you'll meet (talking locals now) are wonderfully friendly, generous and hospitable.You can start practicing big smiles now, you'll need them.

Lots of things vary from region to region, perhaps in particular security issues and climate.The organization started as a small research team in 1997 and has grown into a medium-size NGO consisting of over 70 staffs.