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This contraceptive method has the highest failure rate of all and is not recommended.Even if a male has the requisite self-control, the risk of pregnancy from pre-ejaculate still exists.Condoms are tested for strength and durability; states that of 20 top condom brands reviewed, all 20 met safety and protection standards.Latex condoms are recommended, but consumers with allergies may purchase polyurethane or polyisoprene condoms for a slightly higher price.Condoms are a proven barrier method between the mouth, vagina, anus or penis; this barrier stops the flow of bodily fluids and reduces skin-to-skin contact that can cause STIs to spread.When used consistently and correctly, condom users can expect a 97% success rate.Most women abort within hours of taking misoprostol and complete the process within a few days.

The emotional and physical ramifications from abortion must be considered, as many women have conflicted emotions following this procedure.It is important to note that while hormonal contraceptives prevent pregnancy, Some women are not good candidates for the Pill.