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19-Apr-2019 21:13

The 7-Day Mastery Program is essentially 77 hours of ‘one on one’ training with the world’s most experienced coaches, which is spread out over the course of a week.The training is involves both practical and theoretical sessions, but the exact amount of practical vs theoretical is ultimately decided by the student.Exploring alternative treatments such as surgery and CPAP will lay a foundation for guiding patient decision-making and anticipating combining therapies for best outcomes.Completion of Mastery I and Mastery II is required to attend Mastery III.As the final didactic step in the Mastery Program, Mastery III provides the participant with the proficiency to manage a broad spectrum of cases and severities of obstructive sleep apnea.A focus on titration goals, understanding maximum medical improvement, and side effect management furnishes practitioner confidence and promotes best patient care.

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Lectures will develop a more in-depth understanding of normal sleep and the consequences of poor quality sleep, including phase delay circadian rhythms in adolescents.

Participants also get access to an online discussion board, so attendees and faculty can continue discussions between courses.