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07-Jun-2019 07:54

I asked some of the women working at Voltage’s San Francisco office for their own thoughts on the cultural differences and similarities they’ve encountered while trying to reach their new audience.

And while they all asked to remain anonymous, they graciously agreed to let me share some of their musings.

Hundreds of women (and reportedly some men) lined up to get a piece of that action at Voltage’s booth.

And their reactions were completely emblematic of the experience Voltage hopes to provide for their 26 millions users, with bright eyed women grinning from ear to ear, swooning, or just covering their mouths with scandalized delight.

Blackgate is more 'realistic' in their art choices.

I've only romanced Gruff and the first sex scene art made me horny and a bit repulsed.

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Though she also admitted that “at the same time, many Western audiences think that Japanese anime looks childish and prefer more realistic illustrations,” which explains the clear visual distinction between Voltage’s exclusively U. But in the end, while it may be interesting to consider cultural differences, both the survey and the feedback from Voltage employees reflected my original sentiment: romance is romance, regardless of culture.

Really, their target audience is just any woman who owns a phone and enjoys romance.

“At Voltage, all content is produced under the theme of ‘Drama on Love and Challenge,'” the company’s fact sheet reads.

With 26 million users worldwide playing their sixty (and counting) romance apps, Voltage Inc.

has been dominating the mobile dating sim scene for years in Japan, Singapore, and now more recently the U. In fact this past September, Voltage’s romance sims made up almost half of Apple’s twenty top grossing i Phone entertainment apps in Singapore.At the Tokyo Game Show this past year, Voltage’s booth was the closest real-life approximation to a manga fangirl’s wet dream the world’s probably ever seen.