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27-May-2019 03:32

Here is a list for Otome games available on the Nintendo DS.

Raa Raa the Noisy Lion (EU)Rabbids Go Home - A Comedy Adventure (DSi Enhanced) (U)Rabbids Go Home (DSi Enhanced) (EU)(M6)Race Driver - Create & Race (E)(Xeno Phobia)Race Driver - Create & Race (U)(Xeno Phobia)Race Driver - GRID (E)(SQUi RE)Radiant Historia (J)Radiant Historia (U)Rafa Nadal Tennis (E)(Fire X)Rafa Nadal Tennis (US)(M2)(BAHAMUT)Ragnarok DS (KS)(Cool Point)Ragnarok DS (U)Ragnarok Online DS (J)(Caravan)Rain Drops (U)(SQUi RE)Rainbow Island Revolution (E)(Legacy)Rainbow Islands - Revolution (U)(Supremacy)Raku Raku Shindenzu Training DS (JP)(BAHAMUT)Ram Racing (E)Ram Racing (U)(EXi Mi US)Rango (E)Rango (U)Rapala - Pro Bass Fishing (U)Ratatouille - Food Frenzy (E)(Xeno Phobia)Ratatouille (Au)(Xeno Phobia)Ratatouille (E)(Dark Eternal Team)Ratatouille (E)(EXi Mi US)Ratatouille (E)(Independent)Ratatouille (E)(Puppa)Ratatouille (G)(s Upp Le X)Ratatouille (U)(i NSTEON)Ratatouille Food Frenzy (U)(Micronauts)Rayman DS (E)(Trashman)Rayman DS (U)(Brassteroid Team)Rayman Raving Rabbids - TV Party (E)(Xeno Phobia)Rayman Raving Rabbids - TV Party (JP)(MHS)Rayman Raving Rabbids - TV Party (KS)(Independent)Rayman Raving Rabbids - TV Party (U)(Sir VG)Rayman Raving Rabbids (E)(Supremacy)Rayman Raving Rabbids (U)(Xeno Phobia)Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 (E)(EXi Mi US)Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 (U)(Xeno Phobia)Reader Rabbit - Kindergarten (U)Reader Rabbit - Math 4-8 yrs - Mission with the Lionflowers (E)Ready Steady Cook - The Game (EU)(BAHAMUT)Real Adventure - Pet Vet (E)(EXi Mi US)Real Adventure - Wild Horses (E)(EXi Mi US)Real Adventures - Pet Vet (EU)(M5)(DDumpers)Real Adventures - Wild Horses (EU)(M5)(DDumpers)Real Crimes - Jack the Ripper (E)Real Crimes - The Unicorn Killers (E)Real Crimes Jack the Ripper (E)(EXi Mi US)Real Crimes Jack The Ripper (E)(PUSSYCAT)Real Football 2008 (E)(Fire X)Real Football 2009 (E)(Xeno Phobia)Real Soccer 2008 (U)(Sir VG)Real Soccer 2009 (U)(Xeno Phobia)Real Stories - Amoureux pour la Vie (FR)(EXi Mi US)Real Stories - Babies (F)(EXi Mi US)Real Stories - Best Friends - My Horse (EU)(M7)(BAHAMUT)Real Stories - Cheval Academy (FR)(EXi Mi US)Real Stories - Fashionshop (E)(Vortex)Real Stories - Mission Equitation (F)(EXi Mi US)Real Stories - Mon Hotel de Reve (FR)(Xeno Phobia)Real Stories - My Baby World (EU)(M5)(DDumpers)Real Stories - Passion 4 Fashion (EU)(M5)(DDumpers)Real Stories - Veterinaire - Mission Australie (FR)(Xeno Phobia)Real Stories - Veterinaire (F)(EXi Mi US)Real Time Conflict - Shogun Empires (U)(Mode 7)Really! DS (JP)(Independent)Rec Room Games (U)(EXi Mi US)Recettes de Cuisine avec Cyril Lignac (FR)(EXi Mi US)Red Bull BC One (E)(EXi Mi US)Red Bull BC One (U)(Sir VG)Red Stone DS - Akaki Ishi ni Michibikareshi Monotachi (J)Rekiken DS (J)(Independent)Rekishi Adventure Quiz - Sangokushi Tsuu DS (JP)(High Road)Rekishi Gunsou Presents - Monoshiri Sengoku Ou (J)(6rz)Rekishi Gunzou Presents - Monoshiri Sangokushi (JP)(BAHAMUT)Rekishi Taisen Gettenka - Tenkaichi Battle Royal (J)Remindelight (J)(WRG)remy no oishii restaurant (j)(caravan)rentian gougou (demo)(ique) (c)(wrg)Repetto - Ballerina (E)Resident Evil - Deadly Silence (U)(WRG)Restaurant Tycoon (E)Retro Arcade Toppers (E)Retro Game Challenge (US)(Xeno Phobia)Reversal Challenge (US)(Suxxors)Rhapsody - A Musical Adventure (EU)(M2)(Xeno Phobia)Rhapsody - A Musical Adventure (U)(Sir VG)Rhythm 'n Notes (E)(EXi Mi US)Rhythm 'n Notes (U)(Xeno Phobia)Rhythm de Cooking - Sweets Party e Youkoso (J)(Caravan)Rhythm De Run Run Run (JP)(2CH)Rhythm Heaven (US)(Xeno Phobia)Rhythm Paradise (EU)(M3)(BAHAMUT)Rhythm Paradise (EU)(M3)(EXi Mi US)Rhythm Tengoku Gold (J)(CNBS)Rhythm World (KS)(Cool Point)Ridge Racer DS (U)(Lube)Riding Academy - The Deciding Tournament (E)(SQUi RE)Riding Academy (E)(Independent)Riding Academy (EU)(M2)(BAHAMUT)Riding Academy 2 (U)(EXi Mi US)Riding Star 3 (E)(s Upp Le X)Rijexamen Training - Code de la Route 2008 (E)(Ka U)Rilakkuma Rhythm - Mattari Kibun de Dararan Ran (JP)(High Road)Ringling Bros.

fight 8 gym leaders, and then fight in a championship. Yeah, you still fail to mention anything that makes the games new and exciting.

I have played at least one game from each generation.

Of course we're all insane to consider a franchice that centers around cock fighting kid-friendly just because the characters spout BS about friendship.

The two biggest and well known ones are the harvest moon series and rune factory series.

I tend to prefer good gameplay with an interesting story to go along with it.

I just finished "A Witch's Tale", which had a really good background story that you learned in pieces throughout the game. A lot of the "mature" games have - kill troll, win girl - or kill kill kill blood blood splatter splatter, car crash, car crash.........

they are just the same game with tiny little upgrades- fighting with 2 pokemon, playing over wifi in a dungeon (pointless),..I mean the graphics have gotten better, but that is a result of better tech. they could take the franchise to a new level if they just made something new, but instead all of their games are too damn similar.

fight 8 gym leaders, and then fight in a championship.

I just finished "A Witch's Tale", which had a really good background story that you learned in pieces throughout the game.

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