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15-Apr-2019 04:48

New Zealand has been everything I wished for and more.

One month into my time in Wellington and I have yet to find and shake hands with the most famous son of New Zealand (apart from Sir Edmund Hillary), the man, the myth, the legend – Peter Jackson. Most days it’s just average level of winds that will mess up your hair and might blow your skirt up.I had gone out for a wine tasting that evening, so it’s safe to say I was pretty sloshed by the time I rolled home a few hours later. I know there are more and more bigger earthquakes happening in New Zealand, and let me just preface this by saying I am SO not ready for a big one.Climbing into bed, I was closing my eyes when the room started to shake. In fact, they are so prevalent, many Kiwis I’ve met have an earthquake app on their phone that let’s them know about them. Source I learned real fast my first month in NZ that I had to bring my passport out with me to the bars to show ID.That being said, I was not prepared for just how friendly and sweet EVERYONE is in New Zealand. However, picking a place with super friendly people has made all the difference.

If I don’t leave New Zealand in a year a completely changed person, I don’t even know myself.

That being said, there are NO AMERICANS IN NEW ZEALAND. This past month (ok, month and a half) I have flown to NZ from the US, and I have flown from NZ to Europe. And just like there are new words for everything in NZ, I’ve learned a lot of new coffee vocabulary too.