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In 1898, Yonkers (along with Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island) voted on a referendum to determine if they wanted to become part of New York City.While the results were positive elsewhere, the returns were so negative in Yonkers and neighboring Mount Vernon that those two areas were not included in the consolidated city and remained independent.

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In 1916, there were one hundred twenty-six people in the Yonkers chapter of the Red Cross.

All the lands that belonged to the Philipse family were confiscated and sold.

For its first 200 years, Yonkers was a small farming town with an active industrial waterfront.

Still, some residents call the city "the Sixth Borough" referring to its location on the New York City border, its urban character, and the failed merger vote.

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During the American Civil War, 254 Yonkers resident joined the Army and Navy.The downtown area also houses significant local businesses and non-profits, and serves as a major retail hub for Yonkers and the northwest Bronx.