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Confetti drops and fireworks were happening throughout. Nelly Ciobanu came out on the stage, bursting out tunes. This was followed by another popstar, then I believe, the group “Fresh”. After this it was clear the crowd was ready to dance, and a large group began to fill the dance floor.

We boogie woogied until 8pm when the club closed and we were on our way to the next stop: Palmira Restaurant in Botanica, located by the “Gates of the City”.

It was a troup of 7-10 people clothed in black robes like monks, with hoods, carrying flashlights.

It was a bit gothic in nature but enjoyable nonetheless.

The official Pride Opening Ceremony took place in the nightclub “SOHO”.

Some of the famous Moldovan pop stars who took part in the gala concert were: Nelly Coibanu, Natalia Barbu, pop groups “Fresh” and “Regal”. Natalia Barbu also supported gays and lesbians in the struggle for their rights: “They are the same people as others. And all of them are highly educated, intellectual and very interesting people.

First Prides were organized in the USA in big cities at the beginning of 1970s and had gathered tens of thousands of people.

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I’ll start from Club Soho as due to some other work obligations, I was not able to attend the laying of the wreath, and the reception at Bar Shola, which saddened me a bit as I am a bit of a photography buff, and would have enjoyed the exhibit there.During the last ten years Gender Doc-M has registered 15 cases of gay murder because of homophobia and numerous cases of violence, discrimination and intolerant attitude to LGBT community.Law does not protect the rights of sexual minorities in Moldova nor does it prevent discrimination.All the activities were aimed to promote tolerance towards LGBT community, to give to society information about different aspects of homosexuality, and to make the LGBT community more “visible” in Moldovan society.

During Pride the following activities took place: an art and photo exhibition where works of Moldovan painters and photographers were presented, an interactive theatric forum on discrimination, a recognition ceremony «In Memoriam of the Victims of Homophobia», a “Safer Sex Party”, and a training for “HIV/AIDS prevention in the LGBT community” with participation by Viorel Calistru who is the main specialist from the AIDS Center Ecaterina Rotaru and who is also the Director of the Dermatovenereal Dispanser.This was followed by a wonderful modern dance from one of the Genderdoc-M performers, Sasha, and his two great side kicks.