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Source: Girl Channel Things Celebrities Said That Put You Off Or Made You Recoil 1.

[ 4672 / -95] Please post things celebrities said that put you off!!

Later in an interview, he said that he gave a stethoscope to someone as a birthday present. Even after hitting big, he still lives in a 40,000 yen/month apartment with no bath. *Ichikawa Ebizō XI revealed that his wife Kobayashi Mao had breast cancer in 2016.

No matter how you put it, calling someone "super ugly" is way too cruel, not to mention incredibly rude, and he didn't even use honorifics when addressing his sister-in-law. [ 2742 / -301] Kasuga's "60,000 yen living costs" comment *Kasuga Toshiaki is known to be extremely frugal. [ 4089 / -45] Has to be Sugiura Taiyo's palpation comment.

I watched a video of Narita Ryo when he appeared on Meringue no Kimochi.