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If similar life ever existed on Mars, NASA has a chance of finding a fossil record of it.

Researchers at the University of Cincinnati are atempting to help scientists put to rest one of our most fundamental mysteries. If NASA does find evidence of life on Mars, that might suggest that sparking life from a primordial soup isn't so extraordinary after all. Among other objectives, the rover will look for evidence that life once existed on the red planet.

Geologists like to go back to the same places over and over to ask new questions," Czaja said.

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And either side has a good chance of being correct. Which is why if we go there and don't see anything, it won't be 'mission fail.'" Gangidine presented his research April 25 at the Second International Mars Sample Return conference in Berlin, Germany.

Today, we know that life cannot exist on Mars, at least not on its dry surface.

Solar radiation split most of its surface water into its elemental parts nearly 3 billion years ago when the red planet lost its protective magnetic field.

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But scientists are debating whether life might exist somewhere deep underground, among pockets of water trapped around geothermal areas similar to Yellowstone's geysers.

NASA scientists must be prepared to look for fossil evidence of bacterial life on Mars dating back three billion years when most of its atmosphere and possibly existing life vanished in the solar wind.