Married woman dating married men

09-May-2019 17:17

I would have too, except that I got a phone call from Charles the following Monday. The soft, erotic kiss progressed into a deeply passionate one that brought the blood surging through the length of my cock.

She had seen a photo of Charles, so she knew he was not a dog, but she also knew that he was no hunk either. Angie told me that Charles had a good time and sort of left it at that. And she leaned into me, her 36-C chest pressing close, and then said "It was just a kiss, honey, like this." Her lips were warm and sensuous ... Our lips lingered and soon her tongue was searching for an entrance into my mouth.

"He did." And then, after a long pause, added"and I let him." "You let him kiss you? I figured that since he wasn't going to get the sex he wanted, the least I could do was give him a kiss." I looked skeptical.

It wasn't like he had has hand inside my panties...

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And, considering how great our sex life has been since she's had those two dates, I'm sure glad I let her go out. And if I was good catholic girl, I'd have quite a confession to make. He "accidentally" brushed his hand over my breasts several times. I took a quick sip of whatever it was that Charles had most recently ordered and then accepted Henry's outstretched hand. He didn't care much for the fast numbers, but when the music slowed down, he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close to him, encouraging me to rest my head on his shoulder. (See, the confessions just keep on coming.) "Thanks for the compliment, but it wouldn't be under the sheets, honey" I told him. " "When I make love, I prefer to be on top." It wasn't true, but I thought it sounded nasty.

" "I could tell he was aroused when I did this--Angie then slid her hand the rest of the way up my leg and began fondling my hard-on.

"Every time she'd come back to our table, she'd be all excited ...

" "Baby, I still had my dress on." I reached up and caressed my wife's breast.

I can feel your nipples right through it." Angie laughed.

Angie's attitude toward sex changed practically over night. What I mean to say is, looking back, I can point to a single event that was responsible for her about-face. The whole package was quite a tantalizing dish, and that was what worried me.

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