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Nick Denton, founder and Journal of Magazine and New Media Research 1Vol. 2 Spring 2009Instant Messagingowner of new media empire Gawker Media, gave credence to such sentiment by writing on hispersonal blog, “Internet media can indeed seem, particularly to the gentlemanly and leisurely American magazine business, a Hobbesian environment.

The new journalism is solitary, poor,nasty, brutish and short” (Denton, 2007).

While some of the more Journal of Magazine and New Media Research 2Vol. 2 Spring 2009Instant Messagingconventional media systems still find themselves mired in bureaucratic constraints, other morecontemporary organizations are discovering virtually endless production options.

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The New York City-based site can be considered part blog, part magazine, and part aggregator, combining thepersonal expression and political debate of the blog format with links to conventional mediasites, such as The New York Times or CNN.

Therefore, this study employs a combination of organizational theory, specifically Schein (2004), and newsroom sociology frameworks.

The methodology section explains theresearch design, which is a case study, and describes the fieldwork site.

Literature Review Organization Theory This research refers to two established dimensions of organization theory, the clinical andinterpretive paradigm, to examine the organizational culture and leadership roles in anorganization (Denison, 1996).

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This model, examined by Schein (2004), contextualizesoccupational cultures from the individual and social levels that shape an organization and itsdecision-making processes.The analysiscontemplates how the virtual newsroom shapes the two basic assumptions that drive the cultureof this organization.