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Addison Montgomery, contemplating a move to another hospital. On Thursday, she starred in a two-hour special episode of , "The Other Side of This Life," which featured her character, Dr.Is there anything the Olsen Twins - or as PETA calls them, the trashy, fur-wearing Trollsen Twins - love more these days than making out with random dudes? Online reports that Mary-Kate Olsen is the latest of the brittle twins to be spotted in a club with her tongue lodged firmly in the throat of a beautiful man. Agree completely with the OP about this tired program designed to appeal to college co-eds in their first and second year of college; Lame attempts to be 'edgy' and progressive.And Walsh, who was most recently romantically linked to magazine she's a late-bloomer in love, but is finally ready for a serious relationship. Brothers & Sisters star Dave Annable and actress Odette Yustman got married Sunday, fittingly in Ojai, just north of L. At the outdoor wedding, Yustman, who will guest star on B&S this season, wore 10 carat diamond earrings and 30-carat diamond / platinum barrettes.TVGuide.com: Now, what are we going to do with this Justin-Rebecca chemistry, hmm?Annable: [ different story line I'm not sure they want to touch upon!

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But it all comes down to writing, and our show has really, really great writing as well as wonderful actors. Some funny stuff goes down at dinner, which was really fun to shoot.

" TVGuide.com: Rebecca's not really poised to welcome her just-discovered siblings with hugs and kisses, right?