Intimidating personality meaning

30-May-2019 05:48

For example, Bolino and Turnley conducted workplace research showing that women perceived as intimidating were both seen as less likable and less capable than men perceived as intimidating.

Racism is notorious for the mislabeling of individuals as intimidating for malign purposes and out of distorted beliefs.

Is it deliberate, calculated, meant to disorient, or meant to help me out in some way—like, or what?

Is it off-the-cuff, something in the spur of the moment, more likely to be solely the result of feeling intimidated in my presence? It’s not easy to share with someone when you empathize with them that you find them intimidating, it’s hard to speak openly and honestly when we feel intimidated, and it feels risky to conversationally explore experiences of being intimidated and intimidating.

People who are effective intimidators attempt to avoid justice (and sometimes they succeed); sometimes they act solo, and sometimes they band together to protect their own interests.

Calling out intimidation in more specific ways can be hazardous to one’s career, reputation, and well-being.

Yet it is essential to understand our own tendencies toward intimidation if we are to refine our relationships with one another, and with ourselves. We’re often self-intimidating, using pressure and coercion to motivate ourselves.A pet rat might intimidate your sister's friends, keeping them out of your fort.