Intimidating children

25-Aug-2019 03:41

One of the men interviewed by Cavanagh and her colleagues said: “I was a bit of a tactician, I’d more or less try to intimidate her by going quiet and staring.”(1) Symbolic aggression includes standing uncomfortably close to her, or making rude insulting threatening gestures, which differ from culture to culture.

Elsie said Leon “would just rant and rave or throw something or other.Or breaking or destroying something that is important to her,(2) such as destroying family photographs and smashing the children’s toys.Some men destroy her everyday household items, for example Karen “called the police once when Felix smashed all the cutlery in the house.This is the fourteenth of 16 blogs discussing the patterns of tactics from my power and control wheel — Symbolic Aggression.

Drawing from research with men who have used symbolic aggression, and women who have been subjected to it, this blog illustrates just some of the tactics — these include the ways the perpetrator uses his body to intimidate, stalking behaviours, destroying, hiding or misusing the woman’s property, using physical items to intimidate such as driving recklessly, threats to kill or harm her, her friends, family, new partner or pets.Or, if he’s in the car with her doing the driving, he may grab the wheel causing her to lose control of the vehicle.

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