Interracial dating and religion

17-Apr-2019 02:04

How you spend your festivities and whose religion you follow. " she added.“To be honest, it is tough, but my husband and I, only because we are quite neutral with race and religion, we told our parents to leave the decision to us. There is no “daughter of” to follow my Indian heritage, and no “bin or binte” to follow his Malay heritage.“But the beauty is that they get to be a part of both our cultural and religious practices and festivities,” said Jasmine.“So just follow your heart and fight for your right, and hopefully, both sides can still remain a strong family.”OTRD norsham anne Another Facebook user, Hazre Salim, told me it’s really about planning far ahead.You will argue about what cultural name the child will have. A Malay Muslim, he married a Chinese Buddhist about two years ago after they dated for a year.

With her full understanding, they both pre-empted their parents very early on in their relationship.“I knew first and foremost there were going to be challenges: Parents, friends, religion.

Railing fervently against the “hybreeds” spawned by God-defying, racially mixed marriages, Pastor Donny Reagan of Tennessee’s Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ doesn’t look very happy on a widely circulated Internet video that comes across like a relic from some 1950s archive.

The pastor minces no words in his sermon: “What white woman would want her baby to be a mulatto by a colored man? preacher and faith healer who died in 1965, identified with the Pentecostal movement until the late ’50s, when he began to reject core aspects of traditional Christian faith.

The same goes for my wife, who identifies herself as a third-culture kid.

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We both were fortunate to have parents who were willing to break their own cultural and religious traditions for their children, and compromise on a wedding that made everyone happy.

Even while dating, race or religion never became an issue. But the recent On The Red Dot series, Love Is (Colour) Blind prompted me to reflect on just how lucky perhaps we were.

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