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09-Jul-2019 18:31

When the other person receives the coded message, they go through the process of decoding or interpreting it into understanding and meaning.Effective communication exists between two people when the receiver interprets and understands the senders message in the same way the sender intended it.When we do, we compromise pieces of who we are in order to fit in and let others determine our self-worth. Emotions serve an important purpose and shouldn’t be ignored.For example, feeling angry, afraid, or sad tells you that something’s wrong.

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The person wants something, feels discomfort, and/or has feelings or thoughts about something.Listening effectively is difficult because people vary in their communication skills and in how clearly they express themselves, and often have different needs, wants and purposes for interacting.

However, in the case of dating violence, findings regarding gender effects are mixed and inconclusive.… continue reading »

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