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23-Jun-2019 18:48

In fact, many of her male fans want to date and marry her; however, she has already chosen her man for the rest of her life. However, before meeting her partner she was in a relationship with Dougie Poynter for two years from Looking closely through her flourishing career we can assume she will surely heighten her fortune in upcoming days.

The duo shares a healthy and a romantic relationship and free from rumors of a breakup.

In July 2012, she played a character called Frog in an episode of the E4 series The Midnight Beast, where she was Dru's girlfriend. Also in 2012, she played the role of Kiki Delaine in The Hour.

Though the English actress Hannah Tointon is still struggling she already collected a large fan base in the industry. In those eight years of dating affairs, the duo never broke the news of beaks ups and extra affairs.

Her next role was in the series Star 2003 where she played the character Billie.

Following this, she played Celina Johnson in the British police drama series The Bill.

The couple, who played Simon and Tara in the Channel 4 comedy TV series, are engaged according to Uni Lad.

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"The washing-up consumes so much of our spare time that Hannah has suggested we eat off paper plates.Well, obviously they’ve been monogamous – I’m such a romantic, I’d only ever have sex with one girlfriend at a time.