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High humidity in the tropics and salt-laden air in coastal regions are typical examples which should receive extra consideration.Other obvious dangers to collections include fire, flooding and theft.The chapter layouts are designed to provide a breadth of information for collectors.For example, a brief historical background is included in the introduction to each material type.For this reason, the focus of this revised edition has remained on practices and techniques that are simpler and more generally accessible.Information has been presented on a range of levels suitable to both institutions and individuals.

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For this reason specific treatment regimes are described.Such information, used in conjunction with details concerning agents of decay, possible treatments and correct storage and display conditions, should ensure that appropriate conservation management strategies are adopted.There is a deliberate concentration on material types as opposed to types of objects.This publication is an extension of the program, and in conjunction with continued cooperation between conservation professionals and collectors in all areas, should provide a sound basis for the care of our widely scattered cultural heritage.

The editors wish to thank all of the contributors and pay respect to current and former employees whose work helped establish the reputation of this department. Godfrey The simplest and most inexpensive way to look after an object or collection is to prevent it suffering deterioration in the first place. The original text was compiled by the WA Museum's Department of Materials Conservation in 1998, edited by Ian Godfrey and David Gilroy.

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