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The two parties can be separated even if they reside in the same house but do not share the same room or have sexual relations.In Georgia, legal separations are not recognized as an end to a marriage.Many people may feel they can’t afford to hire an attorney and try to represent themselves.However, this is usually a mistake as it may be hard to undo any mistakes that have already occurred. Your attorney will ask whether you want your maiden name restored and will include the appropriate language in the Final Divorce Decree, restoring your maiden name.Additionally, each party’s approach toward the case (cooperative, difficult, getting back at the opposing party, etc.) always influences the time it takes a case to be resolved.In uncontested cases — meaning a case that has been settled between the parties through agreement – a divorce is granted after all the necessary paperwork is filed with the court.Divorces can be complex, especially when issues involving child custody, child support and marital property division come up.

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In contested cases — a divorce would only be granted following a trial or hearing where the parties cannot settle the case between themselves.The is because personal jurisdiction over a defendant (which is conditioned upon service) is not necessary for a Georgia court to grant a divorce or to award property situated in Georgia. He filed the contempt and took care of the situation before the judge in Douglas County, securing a clear order than she cannot interfere with my visitation ever again. ” “My experience with Russell Hippe has been wonderful. It has been a long road to freedom but he was available every step of the way and his conservative billing style was much appreciated. I will definitely recommend him to others seeking a divorce.” “Mr. He took charge of my case involving my step children and helped my wife get custody at a contested hearing. My wife hired a top, super expensive divorce firm, but Mr. He handled discovery and depositions skillfully and managed to get the case settled on terms favorable to me.But personal jurisdiction is required to award alimony, child support, or property situated outside of Georgia. The first time I called him, I was in a panic not knowing what to do. The parties must go through the divorce process in order to end the marriage. Generally, the only basis for an annulment is an allegation of fraud.

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Generally, a divorce is filed in the county where the defendant lives.The pleadings are the initial documents filed in a divorce action. However, third parties, such as wholly owned corporations, may be included or joined in the action were marital property is commingled with corporate property or where they are otherwise are necessary to the action, to prevent fraud for example. This is usually in the county of the marital residence. Special equitable claims - requests for a court to order your spouses to take certain action or refrain from certain action - may be included, in additional to the traditional claims for divorce (custody, child support, alimony, property division).

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