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Tomb Raider’s developers at Crystal Dynamics claim that Microsoft’s monopoly “has a duration.” Well, if the online rumours have any truth, we can probably expect to see a PS4 and PC version emerge some time in 2016.

This won’t be out until the holiday period of 2016, but it will be well worth the wait, I’m sure.

Due out 8th March next year, expect more Clancy tactical and strategic gameplay, set in a world that has completely broken down.

The new Star Wars game will be available on the 17th November this year and will undoubtedly be the most realistic galaxy yet.

Expect more stunning visuals and super fast battle mechanics in the staple of fighting games.

Characters will involve old favourites, and also some new, a fresh set of fighting styles and techniques.

GTA V has been on the shelves for quite some time now, especially for console owners but, as always, the definitive PC version always comes out much later.

The benchmark of sandbox games finally reached the PC in April this year, and the vibrant, living, breathing city of Los Santos never looked more beautiful.

Set in the near future, blend human teamwork and space-age technology to slide, wall run and thrust jump your way to success.

Play as Michael, Trevor and Franklin and live your own American dream.

For those of you who haven’t played, Mirror’s Edge puts you in the role of Faith Conners, a ‘runner’ who takes messages around a dystopian futuristic city in a parkour style way.

Set in post-apocalyptic Boston, it is a free-roaming, choose-your-own-path adventure.


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From the E3 trailer, it appears that the game starts as the nukes start dropping and then you awaken, 200 years later, around the time the other Fallout games are set. The franchise will work cross-platform between PC and PS4, allowing for a larger roster of online fighting.

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The O restaurant features a unique take on pub food, from the Killer Grilled Cheese with gooey Gruyere, sweet grilled onions, and crispy bacon, to the smoky, juicy ropa vieja street tacos with poblano crema. Bathroom end unit townhome has central heat and air, 2 car garage and fireplace. Like most of the towns and cities in Orange County, however, the neighborhoods in Santa Ana range wildly in price and style.… continue reading »

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