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Whenever $NUK is transferred, 1.0% of the amount is burned and 1.0% is stacked to be distributed each month to the TOP100 Token holders.

NUKlear is based on the design of the common self-destructing tokens but with a new and further characteristic: Dividend Distribution!

We have plans and working experience to make it more usable and valuable.

First we are working on it to make TBT a active token on exchanges by trading.

Trad Bit is ERC20 standard smart contract Ethereum token build on solidity, that is business, investment & of course trading friendly, catering exclusively to the need of investors & traders in the fields of technology and decentralization.

We provide an enabling environment for smart contracts that is fully functional, safe, stable & standardized.​ Trad Bit is created with the intention to facilitate investors & traders for performance of a best profits/trading experience.

The #1 Self-Destructing and Dividend Distribution Token.

NUKlear is a store of value with the aim of understanding how deflationary characteristics can affect the currency with a PLUS: mixing deflationary with Dividend Distribution Token characteristics .

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Using kiosks and offering a wide variety of services KIBIS will become a secure, fast and efficient option for people to easily access financial services whenever and wherever they want.

KIBIS kiosks will be used to make payments, such as paying a utility bill or topping up credit on a mobile phone as well as being able to buy cryptocurrency exchange vouchers.

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