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24-Jul-2019 12:41

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Wish I can hold you in my arms and I took her hand into my palm, she didn’t say anything she was just looking at me. I love you she was looking scared and said if your uncle find out we will be in big trouble, I don’t want to go in affair and also I have 2k**s I don’t want to cheat.I said nothing wrong with change once in a while, I started to rub her hand and I went closer to her, she went little bit far and she said don’t talk like this again, I m not that type of women she went to her k**s room start talking to k**s, I got scared that now she is going to tell everyone, I shouldn’t have done it by time we finish cleaning everything and I was living to my home which is 500ft away from her home she said good night and said be carefully walking to home. Walking back to my home I was thinking damn I shouldn’t have said anything to her.I didn’t see anything she asked me weather your mom is home, I said they went to shopping and she was about to leave I said come inside.

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Around 5pm my door bell ring, I thought my parent came from shopping, so went to open door and I saw my aunty standing front of door.

Me and my sexy aunt were holding her husband in middle and we both a walk him holding, While holding her hubby, touch her butt, she look it me but didn’t said anything my hand long enough to reach her back so i moved my hand form her butt to back and keep my hand on her back while walking her husband to her room.