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There [are] three things you don't talk about, I learned growing up: politics, religion, and money. "What I'm doing, especially with a lot of newer actors who get opportunities on like Jordan [Buhat], who plays Vivek — I pulled him aside one day.I was like, "Hey, I made a lot of mistakes and I didn't have the right guidance.You should be doing this, you should be doing that, don't listen to this, don't listen to that. Because I just don't want anyone to go through some of the downfalls that I went through.I'm probably stepping on toes, but I don't want you to experience what I experienced."JP: Yeah, that's great. They're very painful and they're very hard to come up from.

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I really want to encourage people to stop giving themselves disclaimers about who they are and what they want.

She's done succumbing to stereotypes, which makes her one of Bustle's 2018 Rule Breakers.