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14-Aug-2019 09:00

People want more and, with busy lives, combining dating with something on our to-do list is extremely convenient (and somewhat soulless, but who am I to judge? Please, for all our sakes, run only in clean and lean gym kit: the world can smell you otherwise and it’s an instant turn-off.5) Walking If running doesn’t appeal, how about a walk?Planning a walking tour somewhere in your town or city is a good way to get conversation going, either through pointing out historical points of interest or the exact spot on the pavement where you threw up on the Diamond Jubilee bank holiday. A cinema first date usually goes as follows: arrive at bar for pre-movie drink, then chat.Plus, if you know they’re not for you, you’re trapped with them for at least another course, or until the waiting staff deign to notice you and bring you the bill, which can take forever.

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Best to avoid the more try-hard coffee shops with a smoothie maker permanently jackhammering in the background and baristas whooping at and high-fiving each other.Also, if you have a nice arse and would like your date to become aware of that quite quickly, bowling means they have no choice but to look at it for around 25 per cent of the evening as you let loose on the lanes with your best bowl. The upsides are clear: sneak preview of someone’s sex face as they reach the top of a steep incline; you get an idea of what they look like in Lycra; you finally have someone else to bore to death with your favourite running routes.