Expat dating hanoi

26-Jul-2019 12:38

The country is actually one of the places in the continent that tourists and foreigners from all over the world want to visit and this article would surely make you know why.

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By law, landlords in Vietnam have to report this information to the government when they rent out a property to an expat.

If you haven’t gone to this country yet then you should think twice.

The prices are in English and foreigners pay the same as locals.Estate agents also generally have access to a larger pool of properties, many of which will be snapped up before they can be advertised in local classifieds or property portals.Furthermore, having an estate agent negotiate a lease on behalf of an expat who doesn’t speak the local language can be incredibly useful.When viewing apartments, especially in Ho Chi Minh City, it is wise to take a walk around the immediate area surrounding the complex to check if there is any sign of new buildings going up.

Building work is common in rapidly growing Vietnamese cities and can cause a great deal of annoyance, particularly on weekend mornings when residents may wish to lie in.

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