Error updating the administration application pool credentials

03-Jun-2019 23:19

At one of my customers, I have faced a very interesting problem related to the installation of updates on the clients running Windows 7.The updates are distributed via WSUS server integrated into System Center Configuration Manager (more precisely Software Update Point – SUP).It’s important to note, however, that this issue only comes to light when you configure the managed account to have it’s password changed automatically.So what things can be managed accounts and what cannot?The Service Instances are highlighted in the following image: To set the account associated with a particular Service Instance using Windows Power Shell we simply get the cmdlet and pass in the name of the Application Pool to create and the Managed Account to assign as the Application Pool identity: It’s extremely important to note that the application pool that you create using the cmdlet cannot be used for your content Web Applications.Unfortunately there is no out-of-the-box equivalent for creating Application Pools for Web Applications.Recycling, then enlarge the value in the Private memory usage (in KB) field.

Share Point Migration Tools Sharegate: No-Brainer Migration Tools for Share Point. Share Point Usage Reports Usage reports, collaboration and audit for Share Point.Now restart the pool using Start/Stop or Recycle buttons. With Share Point 2010 we now have the ability to allow Share Point to manage various service accounts thus foregoing the need to have IT administrators manually manage password changes.In my case, 6 GB was enough for 2,000 WSUS clients.

The size of allocated memory can also be changed in the Advanced Settings of the pool by increasing the value in the Private memory usage (KB) field.

If it is exceeded (it can happen if there are a lot of WSUS clients, particularly, at the first scan), the pool is reset.

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