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Authoring and publishing erotica is a great way to make money while learning how to write.You get to practice your storytelling skills, hone your editing abilities, become an expert on keywords, and master the art of e Book formatting. If you’re really ambitious you can take these same skills you learn and use them to start a consultation business. (Rankings from beginning of March) While this might not sound like much, my title was outselling hundreds of thousands of other books on Amazon. In fact, this one 3,000 word erotic story was selling about four times as many copies as Kluwe’s memoir was.That’s almost as much as some people earn from a full 160 hour month of work.Summer is coming up and I know that a lot of college students will have plenty of free time.Writing erotica is pretty much a fire-and-forget industry.You pump out books, throw them online, and then collect a royalty check at the end of every month. I’ve never had a number one selling book or made ,000 in a month from my work.I have several recurring clients who hire me to explain things like sales rank, keywords, and cover design. During early March I released a really stupid book that was based around a nonsensical joke. This means that I was selling about seven books a day. Kluwe is a man with national fame and almost 200,000 Twitter followers.

(Amazon) is one of the few books that’s had a direct impact on my earnings.So low, in fact, that I learned everything I know about the industry from one brief book. Scott is so popular that she hasn’t published anything in months and is still ranked as the 58th highest grossing erotica author on all of Amazon.With 146 books, averaging around 30 sales a day per title, I figured Scott had some industry secrets worth sharing.While all these things can definitely help boost sales, they aren’t essential.

Unlike most other ventures, the learning curve is amazingly low. This is a concise how-to guide from one of Amazon’s most successful authors.

Writing erotica is the fastest and easiest way to make money online.