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12-Jul-2019 18:08

(What is Fatmagül’s fault or Fatimagul) with Beren Saat between 2010 – 2012.

Kara Para Aşk (The Black Money and Love) was his second major television project.

It was a story that so many people around the world can encounter with, but it was also a very risky story. But, it is a little bit sociological thing that people from different geography watch Turkish dramas. I am interested in both the content of this journal and writing stories for it.

In the past, people from the same geography used to watch me and we could understand that. We have a journal named “Kafasına Gore” which is launched in every two months.

It is very difficult to make a comment about myself. Engin Akyurek: Yes, Inshallah I will do something about it in the future.

Engin Akyurek: We have to ask this question to them. After I started writing, you understand that you have to direct the thing that is in your mind. Engin Akyurek: Beyond the Clouds (Bir Bulut Olsam) is my first project that I was the main character.

I think it is related with feelings and cordiality. Turkish cinema’s summary is that very beautiful stories are told moderately. Many Turkish celebrities earn money by attending events there.

I wish some people wrote a thesis or research about this. Maybe you remember, Mediterrian actors were so popular in America once upon a time. I am on the process of reading and writing for the last 1,5 years.

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Engin Akyürek was born in 12th of September 1981 in Ankara.

After the Stars of Turkey contest, his journey started with supporting role in the series of Yabancı Damat, Karayılan and Bir Bulut Olsam.

His first starring was the famous series of Fatmagülün Suçu ne?

(Fatmagulun Sucu Ne) made me popular and started the abroad process.

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There are rumors that Tuvana Turkay who plays the character Bahar in “Kara Para Ask” is in a relationship with Engin Akyürek. Engin had to be in Rome with Tuba Buyukustun to film a scene for the series, and the rumors say Tuvana also went to Rome to be with Engin when she had to be in Istanbul to film her scenes.Notwithstanding being trained in acting he wanted to prove his natural talent so he attended the acting contest ‘Türkiye’nn Yıldızları – The Stars of Turkey’ like Beren Saat.