Diary of a dating diva

16-Apr-2019 16:59

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traits to look for when dating

When I started researching getting our 3 in, I mostly found blogs or posts saying that it’s easier to use a company to get the dogs cleared as its a difficult process.

Undeterred by this, I decided to go it alone as I am a total control freak and managed successfully at a much cheaper cost.

You then go back up to the vet to get the ok to take the dogs. It’s remarkably simple and everyone is very helpful.

They will then send you back to DNATA to get the number of the loading bay. So it’s been a busy week for the dogs – even if they didn’t really do a lot.

The cost for this is 1000aed per dog (and I think 500aed per cat).

If you need a rabies test you will also need to upload this as well.

You will need scanned copies of pet passports to be uploaded.

1) As soon as I knew I was moving I checked the Ministry Of Environment and Water website to find out if they needed rabies titre testing.