Dendrochronology crossdating

16-Mar-2019 16:00

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A tree-ring series found in certain species of trees that have high survivability near desert like conditions would mean that a dendrocrhonologists could deliberately sample those trees to glean past drought conditions.

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Through many over-lapping ring chronologies, what is called a master dendrochronology can be defined and used to interpret past conditions more precisely.

The principle of replication states the need of more than one stem radius per tree and more than one tree per site.

Essentially samples will range up to many trees per site or even many sites of trees.

The relevant dates include the global flood which was around 2300 BC, and the seven day creation week with the inclusion of trees that happened around 4004 BC.

The global flood was so complete that no living thing was left, and logically what would follow is the lack of possibility for there to be a tree older than about 2000 years.There are seven dendrochronological principles that contain certain assumptions, that are used as a framework or theory to interpret tree-ring data.