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The idea of the illiterate prophet is equated with the story of Muhammad and his receiving of the Qur'an while the idea of a chain of prophets is notably similar to the Imams and the foreseen coming of the Mahdi.

Scholars disagree to what degree Shi'ism affected Abu Isa or whether Shi'ism was at the same time developing and incorporating Jewish elements However, issues with this include that Shi'a reject the belief Muhammad was unlettered, Imams are infallible, that Shi'ism did not expect the immediate return of al-Mahdi, and that Iraq and Iran were not primarily Shi'a until a few centuries ago.

With the center of these movements being Iraq and later Persia, it should come as no surprise that the other ahl al-kitab or "People of the Book" might be influenced.

Some Jews actually saw the coming of the Arabs as the apocalypse that would usher in the new age, but there are distinctive influences that can be noted in this movement from Shi'ism.

The biggest thing he is worried about is that the drama will be hit with negativity,” updating with the actor’s current state.The most radical of the Isawite beliefs was the acceptance of both Jesus and Muhammad as true prophets, but only to their own peoples.The first stems from his writings, as he was known to his followers as nothing but an illiterate tailor before he was touched with prophecy.As the public’s attention was placed on the dating news, oil was added to the fire as it was revealed on November 5 that Jung Woo and actress Kim Yoo Mi had recently started dating.

Regarding the dating announcement, former girlfriend Kim Jin openly posted on her Facebook negative and critical remarks about her former boyfriend, raising eyebrows towards the truth behind the attacks.

Yet, in response, Jung Woo’s representatives stated, “There seems to be a misunderstanding.

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