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Back on land, we went into downtown New York and got to see famous landmarks such as Wall Street and Ground Zero.

Walking across Brooklyn Bridge was next on the agenda, where I took another bunch of photos of the skyline and views of the city.

We were asked to all get around the sofa so we could be shown the introduction to GTA IV.

Psy found himself to be the lucky webmaster with the controller, and was given the go ahead to start the game up.

I got up around 7AM and watched TV for a while before Alison called my room.

We met downstairs at 8AM when a nice Cadillac Escalade picked us up and took us to the entrance for the ferry to Liberty Island.

I barely got any sleep the night before despite having an insanely comfy bed, I just wasn't tired for some reason.It's quite a bit different from previous games, and take a few moments to get used to.You do need to use the brake when cornering, and careful use of the handbrake can also help.Moving on, we queued for a pretty long time in the Empire State Building and went through yet another security check, we finally made it to the elevators which quickly brought us up to the 80th floor, for the next six floors we took the stairs to avoid a 20 minute wait for the next elevator.

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Eventually, we were rewarded with some awesome views of New York, and were able to get some great photos of the Get ALife (Met Life) building, Chrysler Building, Flatiron building and Times Square tower, among many others.

We had plenty of supplies: candy, caffeine gum, red bull, coke, and basically anything we wanted, we were all set for the night.