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14-Apr-2019 15:56

This series only starts after 2000 as quarterly disclosure by firms only started then.Placing this series (net sales of firms) into the context of the business cycle events gives us fresh insight into both: we learn something about the sales of firms respond to business cycle fluctuations, and we learn something about business cycle fluctuations.We conduct this analysis using different measures of business cycle indicators such as IIP, GDP excluding agriculture and excluding government, and Firms’ net sales, and find broadly similar turning points. When the methods run into trouble with future data, we will address these problems in the methods.This work would thus become a part of the public goods of the Indian statistical system.This is used to extract the NBER-suggested frequencies from two to eight years.To this filtered cyclical component, we apply the dating algorithm developed by Bry and Boschan, 1971.Our analysis is focused on seasonally adjusted quarterly GDP series (Base year 2004-05).

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One approach to business cycle measurement focuses on ‘growth cycles’, and relies on de-trending procedures to extract the cyclical component of output.As an example, the standard operating procedure when drawing the chart of a macroeconomic time-series is to show a shaded background for the period which was a contraction.