Dating someone who gets cold sores

04-Jul-2019 08:25

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Do whatever you do to chill out, whether it be meditation, exercise, Netflix ... Also, some research shows that B vitamins can counteract stress.When you’re actually experiencing an oral herpes outbreak, it’s a good idea to eat foods with high nutrition value (basically treat yourself well, like you would with any other illness).Luckily, it’s mostly dormant, only showing itself every once and a while.There are two types of HSV infections: HSV-2 is most likely to be found around your special parts, causing genital herpes blisters; and HSV-1 is most likely found around your mouth, and is most often called cold sores or fever blisters. (More on that in a minute.)HSV-1 is transmitted through contact with the skin or saliva of someone who has it.

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These can come in the form of creams or pills, and in intense cases, injections.So it’s good to know what life is like with it, because chances are you already have it — and if you don’t yet, you’re likely to get it.