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12-May-2019 19:37

And the good news is, Helix Ultimate fully supports and integrates with SP Page Builder.

Ultimate Super Power If you have SP Page Builder, you get the ultimate super power of making a website you dream in the least possible time.

Also, the badge functionality helps you draw attention to your users for a valuable item.

Helix Ultimate is a great solution for you and your business!

Build your Own Don’t get upset if you need a custom header.

Because you have the liberty to add your own preset header variations whenever you want!

It has a very nice way to organize your stuff using new folders or uploading right away.

SP Page Builder is the best drag and drop Joomla site building tool on the market.

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The menu maker is a richer one with all the options you need.

Cause, it adopted Bootstrap 4, and Joomla 4 uses Bootstrap 4. Bootstrap 4 Benefits Bootstrap 4 has made designing a lot easier for the developers. So, we present you the features of Bootstrap 4 in Helix Ultimate.

Helix Ultimate will give you a real-time customization experience. Frontend Visual Editing Frontend visual editing gives you the opportunity to see the changes you make immediately. Dynamic Functionalities Helix Ultimate gives you access to all the dynamic functionalities in a convenient and accessible interface.

Badge in Menu Items Whenever you want to make any item stand out from the crowd, you can use the Badge option.

It gives you the freedom to highlight any item on the menu.

Mega menu helps you direct your visitors to their interested pages right from the menu bar.