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05-Apr-2019 11:19

All inscriptions are made with a "sans serif" font.

In some cases, the dots inside the inscription and after it are also present. The length of "WMF" inscriptions varies in the range 3.1-4.0 mm. A full WMF mark image for the first group contains the volume designation in litres (1 litre corresponds to 1000 cm3).

It consists of a "fancy" three-letter WMF inscription, put in an oval. Such mark contains again a three-letter WMF inscription with dots or without (preferentially), but contrary to previous mark made with a "serif" font and put in a rectangular frame.

The peculiarity of this mark is a broken "F" letter in the WMF inscription. The length of the three-letter WMF inscription varies in the range 4.7-6.0 mm. A full mark for WMF hollow ware items, exported to the UK (and/or to the US), contains some new secondary marks.

A widespread mark, though it is rather difficult to find one in perfect condition.

The full mark uses numerous secondary markings, all are applied in a rectangular frame.

Note a comma which is used for the volume designation. The fraction "I/O" means the normal thickness of silver deposited onto the surface of the base metal (usually, on brass).

The size of the "OX" box varies between 1.9 mm x 2.1 mm and 2.2 mm x 2.5 mm.

The marks of the first group (used in 1880-1886) contain the word "WMF", formed of three letters, "W", "M", and "F", with dots in between or without and made with a "sans serif" font.

Interestingly, sometimes the letters "M" and "F" are joined together.

The rectangle with 4-digit "1901" inscription corresponds to the year of issue.

The oldest WMF export mark which was used simultaneously on hollow ware and cutlery items. Next WMF export mark for hollow ware items was used for the items exported to the UK (and/or to the US) in the above-mentioned period.The two-letter inscription "MB" means a combined use of both brass (M) and Britannia metal (B) as base metals. The absence of any base metal designations means the use of brass as a base metal.