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In Doctor Who, revival series 6, episode 11 "The God Complex" (Air date: September 17, 2011), the character called Joe "quotes the finale of old English nursery rhyme 'Oranges and Lemons,' singing 'Here comes a candle to light you to bed, here comes a chopper to chop off your head!

This is a reference to the poem as it was used in Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Chip chop chip chop the last man is dead Gay go up, and gay go down, To ring the bells of London town. Throughout the 2015 horror series The Frankenstein Chronicles, the rhyme recurs several times, as the central character (played by Sean Bean) suffers mercury-induced hallucinations relating to a missing girl.

Here comes a candle to light you to bed, And here comes a chopper to chop off your head! ,' which echoes a moment in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, in which Winston Smith uses a snatch of the same rhyme to remind him of a forgotten and innocent past." In Ellen Raskin's 1975 book, The Tattooed Potato and Other Clues, the protagonist, Dickory Dock, has a pocket watch that plays this nursery rhyme, and the song forms a major part of the storyline.

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Once added to sliced apples, the ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, in lemon juice creates a barrier between the oxygen and the polyphenol oxidase.

Old Father Baldpate, Say the slow bells at Aldgate. 1744), where the lyrics are: There is considerable variation in the churches and lines attached to them in versions printed in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, which makes any overall meaning difficult to establish.

The next morning, Natalie, Captain Stottlemeyer, and Lt.… continue reading »

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