Dating of paulx27s letters

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Another possibility is that the famine-relief visit of Acts 11 is the same as the Galatians 2 account when Paul met with several of the apostles.

The Jerusalem Council visit recorded in chapter 15 of Acts would not have taken place until after Galatians was written, according to this view.

Piecing together a chronology of the Apostle Paul’s life is not as easy as the maps in the back of your Bible might make it seem.

However, the details provided in his epistles and the book of Acts allow us to understand much about his life.

Acts 22:3 reveals that Paul was born “Saul” in Tarsus, which is in SE Asia Minor.

While we know that Paul was a citizen of this city, Acts Paul tells us that he was also a Roman citizen by birth.

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Using details from Acts and working forward from the date of the Gallio Inscription mentioned earlier, we can also place the beginning of Paul’s third missionary journey described in Acts 18 – 21 to having begun around 52 or 53 A. The Biblical account tells us that after returning to Jerusalem from this journey Paul was arrested and ultimately appeared before both Festus and Felix, who were Roman officials (Acts 23-25).That Paul was a “Hebrew of Hebrews” and yet held Roman citizenship is certainly noteworthy, and is an important factor in his ability to speak with confidence to both Jews and Greeks.