Dating multiple people once okay

25-Mar-2019 05:48

If you’re someone who’s just started dating through dating apps, you’ll realise two things.You’re a hot piece of human and everyone what’s a piece or something about your profiles screams swipe left(no) or die.I think most guys would like the opportunity to be with two women.Quantity is ok, but I've never been seriously sexual with two women at the same time.What starts off as keeping options open could suddenly become leading someone on or being manipulative.

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The last thing you’re thinking about is “settling down”, you’ve been doing that for years and the dopamine inducing *ping* on your phone of a new match is like a Pomeranian hearing the alluring sound of doggy treats rattling against his food bowl. Or heck maybe it’s as simple as you hate to deliver bad news and just never call a date quits.

Dating multiple people keeps your options open just in case two turn out to have hands for feet or one has a thing for populating the earth with more mothers.