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You can get more information on the Little People Body Styles page for the complete low-down on this subject, but for right now here's the basic breakdown: Straight-sided people and dogs.All wood (always), they have no narrow "peg" on the base.Those special guys and gals (and doggies, too) that are referred to by Fisher Price as "Little People" take many shapes and forms.Certainly one of the most successful and well-recognized toy lines ever created, the Little People name lives on even to this day (1999), although it must be admitted that the current line of figures bear only a passing resemblance to their ancestors.There were six different version of this toy, with each one basically being a wooden hay-cart harnessed to a wooden circus figure (either an elephant, a bear, a lion, a pony, a dog, or a clown).On the top of the cart is a segmented wooden figure who "drives" the animal/cart unit, and it is this figure that previews the overall appearance of what was to one day become the Original Little People line.By the way, the word "articulated" actually means "having jointed segments", and although that's not the correct term to use in describing these figures, it's close enough (they have distinct limbs), and the name does serve well in distinguishing this type of Little People from the previous styles.The first signs of the Little People concept (the people themselves) really begins all the way back in 1932 with the creation of the #600 Woodsey Cart toys.

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We partner with third party advertisers, who may use tracking technologies to collect information about your activity on sites and applications across devices, both on our sites and across the Internet.The "Original" Little People characters, introduced in 1959 and ending in 1990.Although there are several different styles of these figures that were produced during this period, they are all similar enough to be classified as the "Original" version, and in fact, this is how most collectors and experts refer to them as a group. Although still called Little People by Fisher Price, these figures took on a significantly enlarged appearance (about twice the overall width of the originals) beginning in 1991 and lasting until 1996.Following the success of this toy, the company quickly developed the #415 Super-Jet and the ever-popular #730 Racing Rowboat toys, both of which were for sale during 1952-53.

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More toys followed, developing upon the same theme and style, all of which culminated with the introduction, in 1959, of the #983 Safety School Bus, which not only carried on the same tradition of human character features, but also, for the first time, had figures that were removable from their vehicles, thus greatly increasing their play potential and possibilities. The Original Little People went through six major styles of body (base) configurations..even within each major classification there may be one or more minor style variations.Many of the playsets, in fact, were restyled versions of the original playsets. Like the Energizer Bunny, the Little People line just keeps going, and going, and going.