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20-Mar-2019 08:56

Rosalba Carriera introduced the idea of painting miniatures on ivory early in the18th Century to simulate the translucence she achieved with her pastel portraits, and other miniaturists were quick to follow her lead.

The images were painted with watercolor, oils, enamels, and sometimes drawn with plumbago (the early term for graphite).

By the 18th century, signatures were usually reduced to small and unobtrusive initials, when they appeared at all, but in the 16th century, the signature and the sitter’s name–and perhaps even the date–might be gorgeously lettered in gold on a very dark or cobalt blue background.

The ornate calligraphic lettering was an integral part of the overall design, often wreathing the sitter’s head.

A few are of architectural subjects and entire cityscapes, especially those done to adorn the sides of small, ornate boxes.

Often the artist signed the work on the back, but a fair percentage chose to place their signature on the image itself.

A Brief History of the Miniature Portrait by Kate Johnson Miniatures on vellum, copper, wood, card and other surfaces were popular in the Renaissance period, with small jewel-like works by Lucas Horenbout, who painted Henry VIII in the 1520s; Hans Holbien, Nicolas Hilliard in the 16th century, and later by John Hoskins, Samuel Cooper and others.

These small, portable images included likenesses of lovers and the betrothed, husbands, wives and children; kings, queens, princes, generals, consorts, and the deceased done as funeral pieces or memorials.

(Reynolds is an acknowledged expert on the art of the miniature, and was responsible for the collection of British portrait miniatures at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, some 2000 works.

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