Dating gustav becker wall clock

07-Sep-2019 14:22

Regarding maintenance: let's leave this for the next newsletter!NOTE: While I am happy to provide my opinion on any timepiece based on photos and description - if time premits - such opinion is NOT legally binding in any financial or legal matter.

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The clock itself is of fairly common construction for the era. It is a spring driven 8-day movement with 3 trains: time, hour strike and quarter chime on 4 gongs. On your photo, you can see the lever behind the dial, above the 2 o'clock position.This is what you are looking for: As you can see, GB cloaks were manufactured both in Germany and Czecho-Slovakia (Bohmen or Bohemia) .The clock case itself is clearly dating from the early 1900s as per your suggestion, and so is the dial.Your Sincerely, Troy J D Dear Troy, Thank you for your email.

While you have supplied a number of photos, you have unfortunately made my dating task almost impossible by not providing a crucial one: a photograph of the back plate which will show us the Gustav Becker logo.

Turn the minute hand clockwise to “6” and if “12” is passed, stop and let the clock strike. Count the number of strikes and then carefully move the smaller or hour hand (grasp the smaller hand near the center arbor when turning) to that number on the dial.