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13-May-2019 09:00

Being a LGBT person and/or couple is often challenging- but it can ultimately be an exciting and rewarding life with the support and guidance you need. ""In this rapidly changing world, stress, anxiety, and depression sometimes take hold of your mind.

This could leave you feeling like you are hanging on the edge of an emotional cliff.

Most therapists intend to “do no harm” and strictly follow ethical guidelines.

Overall, mental health professionals are a good bunch.

However, not only do good therapists make mistakes, there are some providers who, unfortunately, are careless and unaware of the importance and purpose of some ethical guidelines.

We believe it is in everyone’s best interest to become familiar with basic ethical guidelines before beginning psychotherapy.

Mental health professionals have an obligation to be familiar with their professional code of ethics and its application to their professional services.

We provide links to ethical codes below because we feel it is important for consumers of psychotherapy to know the difference between ethical and unethical behavior.

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consolidating all my bills

Are you having a hard time connecting with your partner or recovering from infidelity?Only in mid-life, after years of misery, did I understand dentists as being real doctors. Therapy can be a safe place to work through these issues, make the adjustments you need, and help your home become a happier place.

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