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17-Apr-2019 21:20

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Hacienda Baru has been catering to Ecotourism and Birding in Costa Rica for more than 30 years.

The 27m Duyung Baru is a traditional Indonesian Phinisi scheduling year-round dive trips to the iconic dive areas of Komodo National Park, South Sulawesi and Wakatobi.

The experienced and knowledgeable dive guides of the Duyung Baru will delight in showing divers the underwater treasures in this diverse region.

From schools of Manta Rays and sharks in Komodo National Park, to cool critters in the untouched waters of Wakatobi, where nearly 1000 fish species have been recorded.

With only 3 cabins on board to cater to a maximum of 6 guests, the Duyung Baru Liveaboard offers a personalised and intimate trip.

The dive deck offers plenty of space for gear storage and kitting up.more about Alex from Nikolaev I can seem a Barbie doll, but I am very mature lady who definitely knows what she wants.