Dating a nymphomaniac

22-Jun-2019 12:04

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When Hassan visits Barcelona again and wants to see Val, she refuses to sleep with him and tells him that she has been taken.

She also gets a job from her first interview and starts working. Some times, he acts very affectionately towards her and other times, he abuses her.

While Sonia, (Llum Barrera) is interested in finding the right man to get married, have children and start her family, Val is more interested in finding new sexual partners and continues to live a free spirited life.

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Val works in marketing department for a firm in Barcelona and when her old friend, Hassan, visits Barcelona, she quits work early and meets him in her house.

"The term, nymphomaniac was invented by men to control women", she tells her grand daughter. When they sleep together for the first time, Jaime is finished in two seconds and even though Val is very disappointed about Jaime's performance in bed, she doesn't take it seriously.